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How To Prepare Your Suitcase For The Most Amazing Business Trip

To prepare your suitcase for a trip, we suggest you bring basic women clothing that can be easily combined and worn multiple times. Yes, there is no need to carry too much baggage! Instead, read on and stick to the most wonderful women clothes 2017:
Wear dresses and skirts in neutral colors like black, brown, gray or navy.
Pack long sleeves or 3/4 Classic cut with a few more fun designs. Our recommendation is that you take a white shirt, one blue and one black because they are easy to combine, and add another in a more intense color.
A blazer should not be missed in your suitcase. Stick to a basic one, preferably in black, gray or navy blue tone to match the pants and skirts.
For cocktails, our recommendation is that you bring a black formal court dress and a dark blue or gray; and enhancements with flashy accessories.
Moving forward, the shoes you bring will be extremely important during this trip, remember that you’ll be working so try to pack two pairs that are closed heel medium and in neutral colors. Black, brown or beige shoes are the easiest colors to combine. For cocktails, choose ones that combine both dressed but not to make too much weight in your luggage.

Moving forward, the shoes you bring will be extremely important during this trip.

Fashion Accessories
Now for accessories, for the day, choose a few that are not too flashy, like two pairs of small earrings, a simple necklace and a classic watch. For cocktails, yes you can use some more flashy items such as some larger earrings or a necklace, ring or bracelet. Remember to give prominence to one piece.

Beautiful Four-leaves Clover Pattern Chic Necklace

Lastly, as for handbags, it is best that you pack a big one in a neutral tone (white, black or brown) for you to wear during the day and a clutch for you to carry during cocktails. Dresswe.com is full of amazing discounts and you can easily shop according to styles and tastes.

Retro Color Block Candy Color Fancy Korean One-shoulder Shoulder Bag