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How to Create Different Styles with A White Shirt

Every time we talk about white shirt, the first thought came to our head is wearing suits with classic white shirt. However, a single stylish white shirt can create different styles itself. So today let’s see how to style with a white dress shirt.


1.Tie a Knot

The first step is to make a shirt “young and style” – knot. There are just two purpose of this method – one, let shirt looks more three-dimensional, second, tighten the waist line and add more womanliness.

tie a knot1 tie a knot2

2.The Front “Disappear” Method

You can let the front “disappear” if you want to make your legs look more slender. You only need to put the front into the waistband, it can reflect your waist and leg length immediately.

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Also you can wear boyfriend’s white shirt, it can make you look more leisure and feels more comfortable.

3.Off the Shoulder

Off-shoulder white shirt is the hottest dressing method this year, if you do not do these kind of things, that will be a huge loss for you. You can open neckband to the rear, or only revealing one shoulder, show more skin not only cool but also make you looks thin in summer.

off shoulder1 off shoulder2

4.Inside out

Inside out dressing is more and more become one of the most hottest dressing style recently. You can find lots of samples on the street snap. It can create a stylish look with an old shirt.

inside out1 inside out2 inside out3 inside out4 inside out5 inside out6


The most creative thing about the shirt is to change a white shirt to a strapless top. You can turn this on with any long sleeve white shirt, even you can make a butterfly knot with sleeves.

Here’s the method:


strapless1 strapless2

For the love of a white shirt, each person has different thoughts. Some prefer classic, some are like DIY style.

Hope this article can help you find the right style for white shirt this summer.

Thanks for reading!