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Robbie Williams 2017 Vocal Concert

Everyone knows Robbie Williams is a very popular strength singer. He was born in England Staffordshire. His voice is very magnetic, low and charming. He is a British creation singer who has been nominated by the Grammy Awards and has won numerous British music awards. His record in the UK far surpassed the other British singers and won more British music awards than today’s other singers. At the same time, he possesses 55 million album sales across the world. In the 2006 global tour, Robbie Williams sold 1.6 million tickets in a single day, and recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. 2017, Robbie Williams is come. In order to give back fans, Robbie Williams decided to conduct another global tour vocal concert.

Robbie Williams 2017 Vocal Concert

Address: London, Coventry, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Southampton, Manchester.

Classic repertoire: 《Feel》《Sexed Up》《Love My Life》

The most recent period was in 2017.6.17 after two days Republic of Ireland. What’s the feeling at the moment? Quickly buy tickets to ready to get high…