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Top 10 – The Most Attractive Haute Couture Street Snap in Paris

Haute couture clothing is the highest state of fashion,originated from the famous designer Charles Frederic Worth in Paris. He created the beginning of haute couture clothing in Paris,1858. Eventually became the French representative of the ancient traditions of luxury.

From the beginning history of tailor, garments are according to the status of individual. Different people have different approaches. In general,every piece is personalized.

Autumn/winter 2016 Paris couture fashion week has perfect came to a close. Despite the supermodel and big brand of fashion week,every quarter countless street snap over-the-counter can make people crazy. We select elaborately the top 10 street snap during the Paris haute couture fashion week. It completely covers all modern secrets in the next half year.  All kinds of popular element such as embroidery,printing,dew shoulder,boob tube top and hollow out. Get your favorite style in the following.

street snap1 street snap2 street snap3 street snap4 street snap5 street snap6 street snap7 street snap8 street snap9 street snap10

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