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5 Aspect to Understand the New Trend of 2017 Spring & Summer Shoes

Aspect 1: Exquisite Pointed Shoes

Exquisite pointed shoes, whether with a skirt or pants, temperament can be perfectly matched. No matter what style with it, can bring you endless feeling of elegance.

black exquisite pointed shoes leather exquisite pointed shoes

Aspect 2: Ankle Decoration

Now people pay more and more attention to the ankle decoration. Especially in the spring and summer, a minor ankle decoration will make you look more attractive. For most of all, thin belt decoration is the most basic entry-level. A strappy sandal would be a great choice. dark blue strappy sandal

Aspect 3: Sexy Lace-Up

Compared to strappy sandals, sexy lace up sandals are more able to enrich your shape, create different styles for any occasions.

sexy lace up sandal black lace up sandal

Aspect 4: Exaggerated Decoration

Unlike simple styles before, exaggerated decoration can be more attractive to others’ attention.

pink sandal vintage style sandal

Aspect 5: Little White Shoes

Little white shoes are always in style!

little white shoes tommy hilfiger little white shoes

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