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12 Rainbow Kingdom on Earth You Must Visit

Throughout the Eastern and Western architecture, we already have too many old-fashioned dull buildings and skyscrapers, and more hope that life can be more color, colorful can always make people feel good, there are 12 rainbow kingdoms on our planet that you must visit.

1.Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires was originally home to a large number of immigrants, is now a gathering place for working-class and art lovers, the main walkway – EL Caminito, colorful buildings and cafes are the best place to relax.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2.Old Town Colmar (France)

This French Alsatian town is truly a fairy tale castle, a unique architectural story, the bright French blinds and the German brick and wood structure, two different cultures of the ingenious fusion. And the whole city around the canal, so tourists to its nickname are “Little Venice.”

Old Town Colmar (France)

3.Newport (København)

Newport is an artificial canal, built in 1669 to 1673, the first is to promote the economic development of Copenhagen. Now the Newport gets a new face.

Newport (København)

4.Charleston Harbor (South Carolina)

Beach town Charleston, the United States and the rest of the world’s rich settlements, are also an exquisite scenery of the resort.


5.Old Town Chevrove (Morocco)

Morocco, blue city blue dream…

Old Town Chevrove (Morocco)

6.Newfoundland (Canada)

Downtown St. John’s street buildings are vibrant red, blue, yellow composition, making it one of Canada’s most photogenic streets.

Newfoundland (Canada)

7.Las Palmitas (Mexico)

Las Palmitas (Mexico)

8.Valparaiso (Chile)

Cerro Concepcion and Cerro Alegre, the walls of the old building on both sides of the wall are painted a lot of murals.

Valparaiso (Chile)

9.Market Square (Warsaw)

Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Warsaw is one of the best green cities in the world.The city center square is colorful and lively.

Market Square (Warsaw)

10.Brano (Italy)

Color gives the dazzling beauty to Brano.

Brano (Italy)


The street is colorful. It is near the Lyon train station.


12.Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town (South Africa)

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