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What’s So Special About The “Simple” Wedding Dress Of Prince Harry’s New Wife?

The British Prince Harry and his mixed American bride Megan Marker recently held the first royal wedding in Britain since 2011 at Windsor Castle in England. Many “fashionistas” have turned their attention to the bride’s wedding dress – this is a pure white wedding dress that looks simple and generous, but it is absolutely eye-catching, with craftsmanship behind it. It looks both traditional and modern.

Royal Wedding Of The British Prince Harry And Megan Marker-1

Royal Wedding Of The British Prince Harry And Megan Marker-2

Unlike the bejeweled wedding dress of her mother-in-law who had never met her which had a frilled neckline and lace sleeves, Megan’s wedding dress were barely inlaid and embellished, which was made of exquisite silk with a simple tight-fitting sleeves and subtle and generous boat collar, waist and hem are very “homely, close to the people”. No exaggeration like the traditional wedding dresses.

Beautiful Wedding Dress Of British Prince Harry's Bride Megan Marker

The only exaggerated and romantic element of the wedding dress is the extra long chiffon veil. This design is mainly for the purpose of facilitating a “traditional project” – the two flower-boys carry and slowly walk up the steps of the church. But compared to the traditional wedding veils, Megan’s wedding veils is more elegant and lighter.

Extra Long Wedding Veil Of British Prince Harry's Bride Megan Marker

Many royal wedding observers pointed out at first glance that this seemingly simple wedding dress is expensive and definitely comes from a celebrity. its value is not under the wedding dress of Princess Diana.
In fact, it is true: this wedding dress is customized by Givenchy which is a French fashion brand, has more than 70 years of history, the designer is the British nationality of Claire Waite Keller.

The Seemingly Simple Wedding Veil Of British Prince Harry's Bride Megan Marker

On the seemingly simplest veil, there are embroidered with as many as 54 different floral designs, 53 of which represent 53 Commonwealth member states, and the 54th – California Poppy represents the ancestry of the bride’s ancestors: this flower’s The country of origin is the “Gold Coast” of Africa, where the ancestor of Megan’s mother lives and is now called the Republic of Ghana. A few hundred years ago, her mother’s ancestor was sold as a slave to the United States, and Megan’s father was a white man of Scottish and English descent.