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How to Style A Vintage Lace & Silk Slip Dress

Slip dress was born before the first world war, in order to save the basic material and save money. Soon became popular because it liberated woman’s bodies and also flexible and soft.

A lot of movies and dramas also have slip dress, each of them are ultra classic:

Keira Knightley wearing an emerald slip dress in the movie “Atonement”. Catch the hearts of countless people. And Rachel Green(Jennifer Aniston) from “Friends” , her look absolutely represented classic aesthetic of the 1990s.

Keira Knightly in Emerald Slip Dress 90s Classic Slip Dress

The beauty of different age also loves it deeply.

Stylish originator Princess Diana wearing silk slip dress attended the event, with the same color navy blue jewelry, dignified and elegant. In the 1990s slip dress also became Kate Moss’s personal style identity, she often wears Dress at various occasions.

princess-diana-wearing-silk-slip-dress kate-mosss-personal-style-identity

Victoria Beckham in black lace slip dress – super hot! And Victoria’s Secret supermodel Lily Aldridge in elegance.

Victoria-Beckham-in-black-lace-slip-dress lily-aldridge-in-elegance

How to Style a Vintage Slip Dress?

1.Fitted with Suit

There might be a little cold in the early autumn. You can match slip dress with a coat or suit – elegant and temperature.

Maxi Slip Dress with Suit Vintage Black Lace Slip Dress with Coat

2.With Casual Sports Shoes

A pair of white casual shoes can make anything look fashionable.

White Casual Sports Shoes with Black Lace Slip Dress white-casual-sports-shoes

3.Wear Inside

If you are not confident on the body shape, you can wear slip dress inside, match with a t-shirt, that would be nice,too.

wear-inside wear-inside

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