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How to Save Your Imperfect Leg Type with Long Skirts

Summer is the season of the most easily exposed body type. If you have an imperfect leg type, you may wear pants to cover it. But it’s not the most effective solution. A beautiful maxi dress can make you look elegant and curvy. You will know how to save your imperfect leg type with a simple beautiful maxi dress after seeing the choice of these stars.


1.Mother of the Dragons – Emilia Clarke

In latest film <Me Before You> we can see that Emilia Clarke has a modelling of disastrous shows her thick legs and imperfect body type.

Emilia Clarke1 Emilia Clarke2

But let’s see how she struck with a pure color floor length prom dress on the red carpet. It’s totally a different kind of temperament.

Emilia Clarke3 Emilia Clarke4

2.Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum has a typical “elephant leg”. It can easily form a bright contrast when she wearing shorts. But her calf is a bit more slender, this advantage made her more suitable to wear a long skirt.

Emmy Rossum1 Emmy Rossum2

The whole person presents the visual effect of slim after wearing a long skirt. And ankle skirt covers the “elephant legs” figure faults, with a pair of strappy sandals show more thin.

Emmy Rossum4 Emmy Rossum5

3.Elle Fanning

Leg can be one of the most difficult parts to lose weight in the female body. Long-term fitness like Elle Fanning, it’s easy to make crus muscle difficult to melt, it seems to be the same size with thigh in distance.

Elle Fanning4 Elle Fanning3 Elle Fanning2 Elle Fanning1

Long maxi dress with hem slightly more spread out can weaken the degree of thick calf on the vision. On the material selection, frivolous fabrics can bring more lightsome sense.

4.Keira Knightley

Although she has the height of 168, but Keira Knightley belongs to one of the famous actress who has bad legs proportion. Short legs became her biggest shape defect. So you can rarely see Keira Knightley appearing in shorts and short skirt. And she is famous for “flat shape”, there is a lot of limitations on the clothing choices. But looked at her red carpet look so many times, you will be surprised to find, high waist skirt was a “short legs star” must-have item.

Keira Knightley2 Keira Knightley3 Keira Knightley4 Keira Knightley1

After seeing these celebrity’s choice, you must have your own idea to save your imperfect body type. Hope this article can help you look perfect in this summer.

Thanks for reading!