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Get A Hundred Percent Rate of Second Glance in A Coat

There is a popular motto in fashion circle – because different, so fashion, because fashion, so different.

If you want to be original, be yourself. You can find inspiration from these trendsetters below. A single coat can make you become the focus in the crowd, get a hundred percent rates of second glance in a coat this winter 2016/2017.

Slogan Element & Cord Element

Cord Element Slogan Element

Zippered Slit jacket

This is not a simple split design in the traditional sense, but to use the zipper split functionality to add a variety of transformation possibilities. In addition to display different personal tastes.

Zippered Slit Jacket Zippered Slit Jacket

Splicing of Different Materials

Splicing element that occurs frequently in fashion week, it always appealing to the eye at the moment. In fact, clever rich color stitching is only the first step, fabric splicing of different materials are often better able to reflect the designer’s skill and taste.

Splicing Windbreaker Stitching Jacket

Braid Pattern

If you need some fashion new tricks this fall and winter, try corded series design.

Braid Pattern Black Leather Jacket

Funny Pattern Printing

Use colorful design patterns to achieve the effect of any compelling. Nonetheless you should be careful when selecting a pattern.

Funny Pattern Printing Jacket Funny Pattern Printing Coat

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How to Style with Tube Tops – Fashion Tips

Summer hasn’t been in the past yet. Except everyone’s favorite off the shoulder and crop top, have you considered to get one tube-tops? If you wish to grab the tail of the summer, don’t hesitate to try tube tops to show your slender shoulders.

Now,let’s see how to style with tube tops.


1.Fashion Bloggers & Models

Tube Tops Fashion Style Models in Tube Tops

2.Victoria Beckham

At the Cannes film festival,Victoria Beckham has a cool feeling by wearing tube tops.

Victoria Beckham in Tube Tops

3.Emma Watson

This tube top suit with Emma Watson is very special,sweet with a strong personality.

Emma Watson in Tube Tops

About Style

Want to expose the shoulders and the clavicle and show little sexy? Then select from the most simple single product – tube tops.

Single Tube Tops

It’s more elegant if you tie a knot ~

Tube Tops with a Knot

About Collocation

Classic Jeans

From the beginning of the most simple one – jeans will never go wrong. No matter it is your boyfriend’s jeans or wide leg denim.

Tube Tops Collocate with Jeans

Sexy Split Skirt

If you want double sex,you should collocate with a sexy split skirt. It will definitely multiply the rate of second glance.

Tube Tops Collocate with Sexy Split Skirt

Tube Dress + Blouse

Tube Dress + Blouse

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