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How to Style with A Black Leather Jacket this Winter

Regardless of T station or street shooting,never lack of handsome valiant posture. Black leather jacket is one of the absolutely indispensable fashion items.


From the 80s of the last century, because of its light and lively vigorous modelling, black leather jacket is widely loved by young people. Although pure black leather jacket looks very simple at the colors and styles, but also you can create different styles by matching.

Cool Black Leather Jacket Outfit

Look 1 : Jacket + Pants

Whether in a t-shirt or dress shirt and skinny pants, a black leather jacket can make you more stylish.

Black Leather Jacket + Skinny Pants

Look 2 : Jacket + Dresses

Skirt is one of the best single item to an embodiment of feminine beauty. No matter it is a mini skirt or maxi dress, it will always flatter your elegance.


Look 3 : Jacket Shawls


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Rock with A Skinny Jeans This Fall & Winter 2016/2017

Autumn has come, put away the colorful skirts and hot pants, it’s time to purchase a few almighty jeans to your wardrobe. Compared to wide leg pants and flared trousers, in fact, in our daily lives jeans still have the highest utilization rate. And it’s not only ordinary people’s favorite, even the supermodel in the T stage who actually has a variety of skinny jeans in person.



Kendall Jenner is definitely a loyal fan of skinny jeans. And her favorite way is to collocate crop top with high waist skinny jeans. A simple white vest with a black jeans. So stylish!

A Simple White Vest with Black Jeans

Kaia Gerber uses gray high-top sneakers and a gray T-shirt to collocate with dark blue skinny jeans. Looked full of youthful feeling. Waist and ankles slightly exposed a gap that can make you look more tall.

Dark Blue Skinny Jeans


Karlie Kloss always takes the handsome preppy route. She chooses white shirt with black ripped skinny jeans, which make her look cool and simple. Pointed ankle boots and handsome shoulders back are the perfect embellishment to look more stylish.

White Shirt with Black Ripped Skinny Jeans

If you like the feeling of femininity. So Rosie-Huntington Whiteley this group of shapes is your copy of first choice. Casual but yet elegant.

Casual but yet Elegant

Gisele Bündchen’s favorite style in personality is shirt + jeans. A white shirt with light color skinny jeans, plus an aviator sunglasses.  The more casual can reveal a gorgeous supermodel aura.

White Shirt with Light Color Skinny Jeans


Gigi Hadid also loves skinny jeans. The mustard yellow crop hoodie with a light skinny jeans overall with a dazzling sense of vitality and youthful feeling.

Crop Hoodie with a Light Skinny Jeans

Gradient washed effect skinny jeans can make you look more layered and more varied. Just like Martha Hunt.

Gradient Washed Effect Skinny Jeans

Get A Hundred Percent Rate of Second Glance in A Coat

There is a popular motto in fashion circle – because different, so fashion, because fashion, so different.

If you want to be original, be yourself. You can find inspiration from these trendsetters below. A single coat can make you become the focus in the crowd, get a hundred percent rates of second glance in a coat this winter 2016/2017.

Slogan Element & Cord Element

Cord Element Slogan Element

Zippered Slit jacket

This is not a simple split design in the traditional sense, but to use the zipper split functionality to add a variety of transformation possibilities. In addition to display different personal tastes.

Zippered Slit Jacket Zippered Slit Jacket

Splicing of Different Materials

Splicing element that occurs frequently in fashion week, it always appealing to the eye at the moment. In fact, clever rich color stitching is only the first step, fabric splicing of different materials are often better able to reflect the designer’s skill and taste.

Splicing Windbreaker Stitching Jacket

Braid Pattern

If you need some fashion new tricks this fall and winter, try corded series design.

Braid Pattern Black Leather Jacket

Funny Pattern Printing

Use colorful design patterns to achieve the effect of any compelling. Nonetheless you should be careful when selecting a pattern.

Funny Pattern Printing Jacket Funny Pattern Printing Coat

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