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Camel Product to Make You Fashionable this Winter

Camel has now become one of the popular color in winter, you can see it everywhere on the street. So if you want to become a fashion icon on your small circle, camel is indispensable. Check and see camel products you shall have this winter.

Camel Blazer

Blazer is not only the essential goods in formal occasion for women, is also very trendy product for who loves fashion. Camel coat can make you look more quiet 🙂

camel-blazer camel-coat

Camel Jacket

Jacket has been in the shape of the enduring artifact, crisp version of the type looks full of vitality, camel is given a high sense of elegance, more points of retro generous.

camel-jacket camel-jacket2

Camel Sweater

Camel sweater is actually quite common, but many girls will skip it preferred black and white models, however unassuming, it’s a wise choice to prepare one on a fall and winter.


Camel Pants 

Camel pants can create a 60s vintage look!


Camel Scarf

Now scarf is not just a warm tool, but also can fully dominate the style of the props of fashion, its fashionable value immeasurable. Camel scarfs as a strength on behalf of the capacity cannot be underestimated.

fashion camel scarf

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5 Look to Style with A Knitted Sweater Skirt

Knitted sweater has been a must-have fashion item in winter, but this year in addition to knit tops, the long version of the knitted sweater skirt, girls have more fashionable choice. Autumn and winter clothes most afraid of is bloated, so if you want to keep warm and stylish, sweater dress is definitely the best choice.

Oversized Knitted Sweater Skirt

LOOK 1: Single Wear

Knitted Sweater Skirt Single Wear

In a winter warm afternoon, if you don’t know what to wear, wear a single graceful and tailored knitted sweater skirt, is suitable whether shopping or stroll.

Knitted Sweater Skirt with Leather Shoes

Do not need more complex with a simple dress can show a good figure, very pure and natural.

LOOK 2: with the Belt

Although oversized sweater does not pick people, it can modify the body, but if your stature is not so slim, the best way to highlight the body is added a belt.

Knitted Sweater Skirt with Belt

But it should be noted that the belt cannot be ignored with the color, if you like street style, you can choose ab eye-catching belt.

Knitted Sweater Skirt with Belt2

LOOK 3: with Knee High Boots

Knee high boots coupled with knitted sweater skirt, can make you look more tall and sexy 🙂

Knee high boots coupled with knitted sweater skirt Knee high boots coupled with knitted sweater skirt2

LOOK 4: Fitted Knitted Sweater Skirt

Fitted Knitted Sweater Skirt

LOOK 5:Designer Knitted Sweater Skirt

Super design sense of the sweater skirt, itself is a magnificent work of art!

Designer Knitted Sweater Skirt

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Top 5 Womens Outerwears in Winter 2016

With the temperature gradually reduced and the snow outside, we finally ushered in the winter. This season we can choose more styles, colors for outerwears. We select 5 kinds of women’s outerwears of Dresswe.com to bring some inspiration for you.

1.Motorcycle Jacket

Motorcycle Jacket represent the classic, it’s one of the “must have” fashion item. You need a motorcycle jacket in any case, it can be used in a variety of styles.

Embroidery Motorcycle Jacket

Embroidery Motorcycle Jacket

2.Grey Coat

No matter what style, gray coat is always so gentle and elegant in the winter. Wool fabric will be the best choice when you choose a grey coat. It can bring a touch of warmth.

Grey Overcoat

Plain Loose Grey Coat

3.Long Coat

Long coat has a strong self-cultivation effect, If you do not want to wear bloated in winter, you can choose this simple knee length coat.


Plain Patchwork Loose Long Overcoat


Plain Slim Double Breasted Notched Lapel Overcoat

4.Camel Coat

Camel coat is the most classic fashion item in winter.

Camel Coat Camel Coat2

5.Cartoon Patterns

Cartoon patterns can bring more interesting elements for the winter, feel more relaxed and casual.

Plain Batwing Mid-Length Long Sleeve Trench Coat women-sweater-cardigan-long-sleeve-cartoon-pattern-knitting-poncho-outerwear-korean-style-knitwear-knitted-jacket-coat

Besides, you can also find cheap women’s boots at Dresswe to matched with coats.

Enjoy more special occasion dresses at site:Dresswe

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