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Fashion Blogger’s Top Six Collocation Methods

If you want to have a fabulous look every single day, you should learn from fashion bloggers, each of them has their own unique skills to match each set of clothes. Today let’s see fashion blogger’s top seven collocation methods to provide you with some inspiration. Allow you to instantly become a fashion blogger, be the protagonist of street snap shot!



Everyone loves sneaker, you should know that sneaker is universal collocation.

Now sneaker is more interesting than high heels! Off shoulder + Sneaker is also the hottest collocation this year, you can go out on street leisurely.

off shoulder+sneaker

Even if in the mix of any style, a pair of sneakers can appear very harmonious.mix style


When you want to wear a shirt or even a white shirt, bigger is better! Oversize shirt is the hottest style this summer.

oversize shirt1 oversize shirt2


No matter how bland you wear, a reliable belt is always the savior, makes your look unique. Belt can also raise your waist line.

belt1 belt2

4.Leopard coat & white sneakers

You can get miraculous power from a leopard coat plus white sneaker,

leopard coat plus white sneaker


Sequins can enable you to become the most dazzling one in the crowd.

Sequins1 Sequins2

6.Fancy pyjamas

This season you can see lots of celebrities wearing pyjamas out. Pyjamas can create different fashion styles with elaborate collocation. Silk pyjamas can be the best investment for you this summer.

pyjamas1 pyjamas2

Thanks for reading!