Top 5 Suitable Hairstyles for Dating in Winter

Do you still worry about combing what kind of hair to date this winter? Here we collect top 5 suitable hairstyles for dating in winter for you to reference.

1.Hand Rolled Corrugated Hair

Hand-rolled corrugated hair since the 1920s, has been much appreciated, as early as 20-30 years on the popular Hollywood, it is to use the fingers to do hair styling. Hand-rolled corrugated hair is very suitable for flash dress, and then with a retro look, the whole person can be fashionable and retro.

Hand-rolled corrugated hair

2.Olivia Palermo’s Hair Style

Olivia Palermo has been walking in the forefront of fashion trends, this bohemian curly hair is not only suitable for parties and dating, but also in daily life.

Olivia Palermo's Hair Style Olivia Palermos Hair Style

3.Angelic Curls

Victoria’s secret model almost all have an enviable big curls, this angel-like curly hair is very suitable for a party.

VS Angel Hair Style

4.Blake Lively Hair Style

If you are curly hair, you can imitate the Blake Lively’s hair style, side of the wave volume looks very romantic, coupled with the head weaving a handful of compiled, added a bit sweet and lovely.

Blake Lively Hair Style Blake Lively Hair Style2

5.Bobo Hair Style

If your hair is not long enough, you can try bobo hair style, it can also give you an elegant feeling.

angelo-seminara-medium-blonde-straight-hairstyles short-bob-hairstyle

Hope these 5 hairstyles can bring you some inspiration. Pick one to go to the date 🙂