How to Style with A Black Leather Jacket this Winter

Regardless of T station or street shooting,never lack of handsome valiant posture. Black leather jacket is one of the absolutely indispensable fashion items.


From the 80s of the last century, because of its light and lively vigorous modelling, black leather jacket is widely loved by young people. Although pure black leather jacket looks very simple at the colors and styles, but also you can create different styles by matching.

Cool Black Leather Jacket Outfit

Look 1 : Jacket + Pants

Whether in a t-shirt or dress shirt and skinny pants, a black leather jacket can make you more stylish.

Black Leather Jacket + Skinny Pants

Look 2 : Jacket + Dresses

Skirt is one of the best single item to an embodiment of feminine beauty. No matter it is a mini skirt or maxi dress, it will always flatter your elegance.


Look 3 : Jacket Shawls


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