Fitness Tips from the Sexiest Woman on this Planet

We always put “go to the gym” as a mantra hanging on the mouth,but only a few people really stick to it. Fitness this matter, in fact, needs to persevere in the state. Insist on making a slight change, you can break your routine. So let’s get fit tips from these sexy woman.

1.Do more squats – Miranda Kerr

“since the baby, I’ve started to really up my Pilates routine, so that you get that really good, core strength. And I does a lot more squats and resistance training now, that’s for sure.” – Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

2.Don’t force yourself – Kendall Jenner

Do not force yourself to do whatever you hate. “I do not like aerobics very much, I’d rather stand there tossing iron, instead of going somewhere” – Kendall Jenner


3.Make a sport that will make you look beautiful – Phoebe Tonkin

“I like to practice like a ballet dancer, I have practiced for 5 years, and this way both to let me achieve the purpose of weight-loss, but also make my attitude becomes elegant, so find a sport  make you beautiful and motivated is very important.” – Phoebe Tonkin


4.Release youself – Shay Mitchell

“I choose the form of exercise, not just the balance of food, will make me more focused, I like walking, boxing and even go dancing. Exercise releases dopamine and serotonin, so you will feel very good after exercise.” – Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

5.Go outdoors – Kate Hudson

“I like nature, I grew up in Colorado, where I ran every day in nature. Every time I get a place, I will find some outdoor sports. If I am in Amsterdam, I will ride a bike to go around; if in New York, I will choose to wear headphones, listening to music, went to where I want to go.” – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

6.Choose the right music – Beyoncé

“I really like the music, when I am doing biceps movement and strength training, I really need the accompaniment of the music.” – Beyoncé