5 Fun & Effective Way of Fitness This Summer

When summer arrives,  all we think about is rolled the skewers, open party, stay in the cool air conditioning room and forget to take the physical exercise. To be honestly, no one is prepared to stay in the sweltering gym with hot sweat. But if you want to keep a fit body all the time, I can recommend you five kinds of summer outdoor exercise, which is funny and effective.



Swimming should be the most effective way of fitness, it can burn 500 calories per hour. Also it can improve the function of cardiovascular, improve lung capacity, improve muscle system’s ability and shape a healthy body. Let you refreshed after swimming, absolute effectively than sweat ran outside.


2.Go Hiking

Go hiking can use up 400 calories per hour, the specific consumption quantity bases on your location and intensity of hiking. Hiking can explore new areas and enjoy the beautiful view around the city, take nice photos, you can relax your body and mind as well.



Surfing can make people forget the worries, to experience with the sea fight again and again, galloping on the sea waves. Surfing can exercise to your upper back, legs, hips and core muscles, burns 350 calories per hour, and it can improve the balance beam and coordination. It is one of the best water sports.


4.Jogging on the Beach

The benefits of jogging on the beach are two things: One,the sand can be running buffer pressure on your joints, can also add some confrontational training; Second, running beside water is absolutely better than on the side of the road……

beach run

5.Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has beneficial effect for weight loss, detoxification and sculptures shape, it is a popular method of innovation practice.

hot yoga

Hope this article can help you find the most suitable way of fitness this summer.

Thanks for reading!

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