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2017 Falbala Fashion

Falbala is a kind of beautiful fashionable element. Clothing decorated with falbala is usually very pretty. In 2017, falbala is particularly popular. On the street, you can see all kinds of falbala clothing.

In 2017, bell sleeves are trendy. When the bell sleeves are falbala, it’ll be more beautiful. The top looks different from others at once.

fashionable tops with falbala sleeves-1

fashionable tops with falbala sleeves-2

If the falbala is designed on shoulder, it’ll be another fashionable style. The top becomes stylish. At this time, the top looks often complicated, so it is recommended to match with a simple bottom.

fashionable tops with falbala shoulders

If it’s a falbala skirt, women will look quiet charming. If the design is good, long dresses with exaggerated falbala are also very beautiful. In 2017, women can wear it to have date. So, if you love wear dresses, falbala dresses are really good choices in 2017.

fashionable dress with falbala skirt

fashionable long dress with falbala decorations

Trendy Green Maxi Dresses at

Green is the main color of this year, so green items look particularly nice. For women, the most beautiful stuffs of course are green clothes, green shoes, green bags and green jewelry. As the protagonist of women’s cloth, green dresses are first choices. Here we introduce three green maxi dresses from In spring and early summer, it’s very suitable for wearing maxi dresses.

Super V-Neck Short Sleeves Floral Printing Green Maxi Dress

This is a short sleeve floral printing green maxi dress. The printed flowers are green and the bottom color is white. It looks very fresh. Floral printing clothing is popular in 2017. Floral printing green dress looks retro buy fashionable. The skirt is layered and oblique meanwhile. It’s v-neck and it’s pleated style. Very beautiful, right?

Pretty Real Silk Printing Halter Neckline Beach Vacation Green Maxi Dress

This is also a printing green maxi dress. It looks elegant and gorgeous. It’s sexy sleeveless and halter neckline. The waist has pretty pleated decoration. Another, this is a real silk dress and it’s quiet cool wearing in summer. Plus a hat, women can wear it to have a vacation on the beach. Wow, it’s wonderful!

Fashion Hot Sale Floral Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Green Maxi Dress

Another floral printing green maxi dress. It’s fashionable bohemia style. The intricate large printing coconut tree leaves looks great. This is a long sleeve dress, and women don’t need to worry about the hot sun excessively. If you love bohemia style, this green maxi dress is really a good choice.

Which one is more appealing to you?

2017 Popular White Flat Shoes

In 2017, white flat shoes are very popular. People are increasingly pursuing simple and casual life. About dress collocation, people prefer casual and comfortable clothing. Compared to high heels, flat shoes is much more comfortable. There are more and more people wearing flat shoes. In 2017, flat shoes have become a kind of fashion. Among them, white flat shoes are the most popular. It’s fresh and can match with almost any clothing.

2017 popular white flat shoes

Dress is a favorite of women, and in 2017, you don’t have to stepping on high heels shopping, but it’s just perfect to wear a pair of white flat shoes. It’s relaxed and stylish dress matching with white flat shoes. Whether it’s shopping, travel, or working, even date, it is available.

white flat shoes match with dresses-1

white flat shoes match with dresses-2

white flat shoes match with dresses-3

It’s also good white flat shoes match with other clothing, such as jumpsuits pants, skirts.

white flat shoes match with denim skirt

white flat shoes match with jumpsuits pants

Buy a white flat shoes, and have a fashionable leisure 2017!