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Creative Accessories Make You More Beautiful This Spring

If you want to get a different style in this spring, you can consider showing your creativity on the accessories. Different styles of accessories can make your shape become more beautiful and elegant.


Do not underestimate the capacity of a pair of sunglasses, it is definitely worth a sum of money to invest. The meaning of sunglasses has long been beyond the shade and looks good, choose a pair of sunglasses can really modify your face and lift the modeling.


Whether it is a celebrity or passers-by, no one can’t have a pair of sunglasses for their everyday look, a suitable sunglasses can reflect your fashion attitude perfectly.



Hat can also be tricky, clever to the makeup of the texture and monochrome wide along the hat organic combination of the overall feeling of bright.

Hat street style

Hats and hairstyles can match the creation of countless stunning shapes.



Since ancient times, the earrings are heart things of female dress up, whether it is gentle or luxury, this tiny earrings can set off temperament the most vividly.




Bracelet is the most indispensable accessories in spring and summer.


Wearing a retro-style bracelet, have your personal fashion attitude, showing an unparalleled charm.


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Fitness Tips from the Sexiest Woman on this Planet

We always put “go to the gym” as a mantra hanging on the mouth,but only a few people really stick to it. Fitness this matter, in fact, needs to persevere in the state. Insist on making a slight change, you can break your routine. So let’s get fit tips from these sexy woman.

1.Do more squats – Miranda Kerr

“since the baby, I’ve started to really up my Pilates routine, so that you get that really good, core strength. And I does a lot more squats and resistance training now, that’s for sure.” – Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr

2.Don’t force yourself – Kendall Jenner

Do not force yourself to do whatever you hate. “I do not like aerobics very much, I’d rather stand there tossing iron, instead of going somewhere” – Kendall Jenner


3.Make a sport that will make you look beautiful – Phoebe Tonkin

“I like to practice like a ballet dancer, I have practiced for 5 years, and this way both to let me achieve the purpose of weight-loss, but also make my attitude becomes elegant, so find a sport  make you beautiful and motivated is very important.” – Phoebe Tonkin


4.Release youself – Shay Mitchell

“I choose the form of exercise, not just the balance of food, will make me more focused, I like walking, boxing and even go dancing. Exercise releases dopamine and serotonin, so you will feel very good after exercise.” – Shay Mitchell

Shay Mitchell

5.Go outdoors – Kate Hudson

“I like nature, I grew up in Colorado, where I ran every day in nature. Every time I get a place, I will find some outdoor sports. If I am in Amsterdam, I will ride a bike to go around; if in New York, I will choose to wear headphones, listening to music, went to where I want to go.” – Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson

6.Choose the right music – Beyoncé

“I really like the music, when I am doing biceps movement and strength training, I really need the accompaniment of the music.” – Beyoncé


Top 4 Hairstyles for Different Face Type

If you are considering ways to change your style in 2017, then changing the hairstyle should be your first choice. So we prepared four hairstyles for you based on a different face type. Hope both of you can find the perfect hairstyle for yourselves.

1.Round Face

Suitable hairstyle for round face:Round face often appears childish, so hairstyle may wish to design a little mature. Hair to be split into two sides and have some waves, so the face looks even smaller than before. Can also be hair side points, short side inward slightly covered cheek, the longer side from the top of the wave, so that “elongated” face. This kind of face should not stay bangs.

round face hairstyle round face hairstyle2

2.Slender Face

If you have a slender face,the hair can be combed into a full soft shape, so that the face has a more round feeling. In short, the general nature, fluffy hair can give a long face to increase beauty.

long-hair-with-side-bangs slender face hair style

3.Oval Face

Oval face should be the perfect face type of girls, it can rock with almost all kinds of hairstyles. But it should be pointed out that you should show out your lovely face, highlight the beauty of this face coordination.

Hairstyle-for-curly-hair-with-oval-face miranda-kerr-hairstyle

4.Square Face

Hairstyle for square face should be fluffy.

Keira-Knightley-Short-Bob-Hairstyle Taylor Hill Hairstyle Square Face

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