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The Most Popular 5 Instagramers in Fashion

This year, which popular men and women will walk into the top 5 Instagramer?

Let’s see the list below:

Top1:Kendall Jenner

@kendalljenner followers:71m

Kendall once again earned the first Instagramer of the year by super-large number of fans. Before making a hub of the “cutting Internet addiction” delete the INS event less than a week on the end, but also to allow more users to pay attention to her, a return to the number of fans from 68 million to 70 million or more, is absolutely true “Star”.

Kendall kendall-jenner-gigi-hadid-street-style

Top2:Gigi Hadid

@gigihadid followers:27.3m

Although the number of fans has not much like her girlfriend Kendall Jenner, but the second half of 2016 was contracted by the Hadid sister! And Gigi Hadid’s fashion performance has gradually been recognized by the end of the year.

Gigi Hadid won 2016 British Fashion Awards issued by the “International Supermodel of the Year” award, it would be a great affirmation for her model career.

Gigi Hadid Style Gigi Hadid

Top3:Bella Hadid

@Bella Hadid followers:9m

Always a “bold-faced” Bella Hadid gets great attention on the fashion circle once her debut , but also praised “more suitable for Hi-Fashion than sweetheart Gigi”.

bella-hadid-street-snap bella-hadid-street-style

TOP4:Chiara Ferragni

@chiaraferragni followers:7.5m

Chiara Ferragni’s successful fashion blogger career has been as a great case. Chiara with their own efforts and success captured a lot of fans, but also by many brands of recognition.

chiara-ferragni-street-snap chiara-ferragni-street-style

Top 5:Taylor Hill

@taylor_hill followers:6.3m

In May 2015, 19-year-old Taylor Hill became a member of Victoria’s Secret, with only half a million followers. After a year and a half of the effort, Taylor Hill become fans favorite model with sweet smile and excellent expression. taylor-hill-street-style


Taylor hill

New York woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16
In the picture: Taylor hill

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12 Rainbow Kingdom on Earth You Must Visit

Throughout the Eastern and Western architecture, we already have too many old-fashioned dull buildings and skyscrapers, and more hope that life can be more color, colorful can always make people feel good, there are 12 rainbow kingdoms on our planet that you must visit.

1.Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires was originally home to a large number of immigrants, is now a gathering place for working-class and art lovers, the main walkway – EL Caminito, colorful buildings and cafes are the best place to relax.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2.Old Town Colmar (France)

This French Alsatian town is truly a fairy tale castle, a unique architectural story, the bright French blinds and the German brick and wood structure, two different cultures of the ingenious fusion. And the whole city around the canal, so tourists to its nickname are “Little Venice.”

Old Town Colmar (France)

3.Newport (København)

Newport is an artificial canal, built in 1669 to 1673, the first is to promote the economic development of Copenhagen. Now the Newport gets a new face.

Newport (København)

4.Charleston Harbor (South Carolina)

Beach town Charleston, the United States and the rest of the world’s rich settlements, are also an exquisite scenery of the resort.


5.Old Town Chevrove (Morocco)

Morocco, blue city blue dream…

Old Town Chevrove (Morocco)

6.Newfoundland (Canada)

Downtown St. John’s street buildings are vibrant red, blue, yellow composition, making it one of Canada’s most photogenic streets.

Newfoundland (Canada)

7.Las Palmitas (Mexico)

Las Palmitas (Mexico)

8.Valparaiso (Chile)

Cerro Concepcion and Cerro Alegre, the walls of the old building on both sides of the wall are painted a lot of murals.

Valparaiso (Chile)

9.Market Square (Warsaw)

Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Warsaw is one of the best green cities in the world.The city center square is colorful and lively.

Market Square (Warsaw)

10.Brano (Italy)

Color gives the dazzling beauty to Brano.

Brano (Italy)


The street is colorful. It is near the Lyon train station.


12.Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town (South Africa)

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Pantone Color of the Year 2017 – Greenery

Color authority Pantone named 2017 fashion colors – greenery.It is a symbol of vitality,the vibrant greenery allows us to reconnect with nature. Let’s see how to style with greenery 🙂

Pantone Color of the Year 2017

It will provide us with hope and change the self-confidence.


Olivia Palermo with Green Coat

Olivia Palermo with green coat

Fresh green will make you look more white and tender…

Fresh green coat

Grass color coat texture better, with green low heels are very beautiful.

Grass color coat

Street Snap:

Dark green jacket + green pleated skirt + small white shoes, fresh and clean

Dark green jacket + green pleated skirt + small white shoes, fresh and clean

Deep green lace shirt is quite elegant, with pearl earrings shows more taste.

Deep green lace shirt

Green + black combination is also very interesting, with the gas field and vitality


Green dresses

06eb5ef06dcd5b27b129277387898549 70943ba203c0440d3ad2165f82c0de3a ad48014928307c2138d47ef426cfd858

Green accessories

7e06d4a8b40e304fa50b9e6fe31bac2b 40b51c59ac26f0a9711e79ca466ddc47 b74c7f726cee62c3e4607fdca5dee472 c2aac121fcea342e5635d57e8eed6830

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Top 5 Suitable Hairstyles for Dating in Winter

Do you still worry about combing what kind of hair to date this winter? Here we collect top 5 suitable hairstyles for dating in winter for you to reference.

1.Hand Rolled Corrugated Hair

Hand-rolled corrugated hair since the 1920s, has been much appreciated, as early as 20-30 years on the popular Hollywood, it is to use the fingers to do hair styling. Hand-rolled corrugated hair is very suitable for flash dress, and then with a retro look, the whole person can be fashionable and retro.

Hand-rolled corrugated hair

2.Olivia Palermo’s Hair Style

Olivia Palermo has been walking in the forefront of fashion trends, this bohemian curly hair is not only suitable for parties and dating, but also in daily life.

Olivia Palermo's Hair Style Olivia Palermos Hair Style

3.Angelic Curls

Victoria’s secret model almost all have an enviable big curls, this angel-like curly hair is very suitable for a party.

VS Angel Hair Style

4.Blake Lively Hair Style

If you are curly hair, you can imitate the Blake Lively’s hair style, side of the wave volume looks very romantic, coupled with the head weaving a handful of compiled, added a bit sweet and lovely.

Blake Lively Hair Style Blake Lively Hair Style2

5.Bobo Hair Style

If your hair is not long enough, you can try bobo hair style, it can also give you an elegant feeling.

angelo-seminara-medium-blonde-straight-hairstyles short-bob-hairstyle

Hope these 5 hairstyles can bring you some inspiration. Pick one to go to the date 🙂

Camel Product to Make You Fashionable this Winter

Camel has now become one of the popular color in winter, you can see it everywhere on the street. So if you want to become a fashion icon on your small circle, camel is indispensable. Check and see camel products you shall have this winter.

Camel Blazer

Blazer is not only the essential goods in formal occasion for women, is also very trendy product for who loves fashion. Camel coat can make you look more quiet 🙂

camel-blazer camel-coat

Camel Jacket

Jacket has been in the shape of the enduring artifact, crisp version of the type looks full of vitality, camel is given a high sense of elegance, more points of retro generous.

camel-jacket camel-jacket2

Camel Sweater

Camel sweater is actually quite common, but many girls will skip it preferred black and white models, however unassuming, it’s a wise choice to prepare one on a fall and winter.


Camel Pants 

Camel pants can create a 60s vintage look!


Camel Scarf

Now scarf is not just a warm tool, but also can fully dominate the style of the props of fashion, its fashionable value immeasurable. Camel scarfs as a strength on behalf of the capacity cannot be underestimated.

fashion camel scarf

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