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How to Style with A Black Leather Jacket this Winter

Regardless of T station or street shooting,never lack of handsome valiant posture. Black leather jacket is one of the absolutely indispensable fashion items.


From the 80s of the last century, because of its light and lively vigorous modelling, black leather jacket is widely loved by young people. Although pure black leather jacket looks very simple at the colors and styles, but also you can create different styles by matching.

Cool Black Leather Jacket Outfit

Look 1 : Jacket + Pants

Whether in a t-shirt or dress shirt and skinny pants, a black leather jacket can make you more stylish.

Black Leather Jacket + Skinny Pants

Look 2 : Jacket + Dresses

Skirt is one of the best single item to an embodiment of feminine beauty. No matter it is a mini skirt or maxi dress, it will always flatter your elegance.


Look 3 : Jacket Shawls


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Wine Red – The Most Temperament Color This Fall&Winter

Despite the autumn and winter has been giving the impression of a dull depressed, but in addition to black and white, there are some exclusive colors of autumn can make you feel charming and elegant. A touch of gorgeous burgundy, is the most able clothing to reflect the charm belonging to the autumn and winter.


WIne red is a bit less publicity exaggerated than the bright red, and also can highlight the unique elegance of a woman, it can set off your skin more white, look more attractive. Will definitely be the best choice for temperament women. So let’s see wine red fashion items you need to get this autumn and winter.


Refer to the shirt, everyone’s first reaction will be the most classic of the most beautiful white shirt. But in addition to this basic items, investment in a wine red shirt is also a good choice this autumn and winter, it can make your wear look even more amazing.


<Knitwear&Knitted Skirt>

Wine red knitted skirt, simple but fashionable.

Wine Red knitwear wine-red-knitted-skirt


Blazer successfully promoted to the hottest fashion item this year, no longer just the standard at workplace. Wine red blazer is the most loved style In a variety of colors, it can make you beautiful and eye-catching.

wine-red-blazer wine-red-outerwear

<Leather Jacket>

Wine red leather jacket is very useful, it also allows you to shape a more personalized unconventional.

maxi-dress-plus-wine-red-leather-jacket wine-red-leather-jacket


Wine red windbreaker is also a hot style this year, elegant and romantic, suitable with a variety of dresses, full of femininity.

wine-red-coat wine-red-windbreaker

Also, if you are looking for wine red prom or evening dresses. I suggest you to choose Dresswe wine red prom&evening dresses. An online store with countless cheap prom dresses at Get your dream prom dress and evening dress now!

wine-red-lace-mermaid-evening-dress wine-red-sexy-trumpet-evening-dress

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Most Worthy of Reference Celebrity Hair Style 2017

New Year new hair style!  So let’s see several celebrity’s hairstyle to provide you with some inspiration for your new look. Hair is a reflection of a person’s mental outlook and mental state. If you want to become both simple and elegant, you should try short hair.

Emma Stone

Emma Stone is always amazing in red carpet. Eighty-two points bangs fluffy is easy to comb, tied with a simple ponytail with detailed earrings, professional OL can emulate this hair style. emma stone hair styleKate Bosworth

Separate the bangs irregularly,hide the bangs and shows earrings,very elegant and charming. Kate Bosworth Hair style Sienna Miller

Bob hairstyle coupled with long-shaped earrings, showing the charm of the magnificent style. sienna-miller-hair style Lily Colins

Bob short hair tied to a simple princess head, revealing the ear is more sweet and moving! It is a great inspiration!

lily-colins-hair style

Anne Hathaway

Short hair, full of romantic and elegant temperament short hair LOOK! Large waves of bangs radians are the key to make hair more light and vivid.

anne-hathaway-hair style

Taylor Swift

The most common and also the most classic hair style for Taylor!

taylor-swift-hair style

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5 Aspect to Understand the New Trend of 2017 Spring & Summer Shoes

Aspect 1: Exquisite Pointed Shoes

Exquisite pointed shoes, whether with a skirt or pants, temperament can be perfectly matched. No matter what style with it, can bring you endless feeling of elegance.

black exquisite pointed shoes leather exquisite pointed shoes

Aspect 2: Ankle Decoration

Now people pay more and more attention to the ankle decoration. Especially in the spring and summer, a minor ankle decoration will make you look more attractive. For most of all, thin belt decoration is the most basic entry-level. A strappy sandal would be a great choice. dark blue strappy sandal

Aspect 3: Sexy Lace-Up

Compared to strappy sandals, sexy lace up sandals are more able to enrich your shape, create different styles for any occasions.

sexy lace up sandal black lace up sandal

Aspect 4: Exaggerated Decoration

Unlike simple styles before, exaggerated decoration can be more attractive to others’ attention.

pink sandal vintage style sandal

Aspect 5: Little White Shoes

Little white shoes are always in style!

little white shoes tommy hilfiger little white shoes

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