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Tips for Choose Little Party Dresses

Wedding season is coming soon, do you have a clue what to wear to attend those wedding parties? Do you know what to wear to reflect both ritual feeling but not casually? Today let’s see several samples to give you inspiration to choose a formal little party dress.


1.Wine Red Off-Shoulder Outfit

Wine red is the color of many pretty girls’ favorite. It not only can foil temperament well also can let you become more elegant. Pearl satin texture with a subtle sheen, suitable for someone who loved gorgeous.

Wine Red Off-Shoulder Dress

2.Printed Chiffon Strapless Dress

Chiffon dress is elegant in texture, lace design in the chest can highlight your figure, let you look more plump, add more elegance to your individual temperaments.

Printed Chiffon Strapless Dress

3.Charming Lace Drape Skirt

Lace skirt with shoulder-straps can show more feminine beauty, the design of the fold let the pure color skirt looks neither flat nor simple.

Charming Lace Drape Skirt

4.Rose Dress with Charming Fragrance

Rose dress fit perfectly with a metal belt buckle, collocate with a pair of nude heel, brings romantic feeling to you.

Rose Dress with Charming Fragrance

5.Lace Dress

Lace item can let you become sexy and charming, a single lace dress can brings you mature and sexy.

Little Black Lace Dress

6.Classic Strapless Dress

A strapless dress is a classic design, the most simple one but almost everyone can rock with a classic strapless dress.

Classic Strapless Dress

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How to Create Different Styles with A White Shirt

Every time we talk about white shirt, the first thought came to our head is wearing suits with classic white shirt. However, a single stylish white shirt can create different styles itself. So today let’s see how to style with a white dress shirt.


1.Tie a Knot

The first step is to make a shirt “young and style” – knot. There are just two purpose of this method – one, let shirt looks more three-dimensional, second, tighten the waist line and add more womanliness.

tie a knot1 tie a knot2

2.The Front “Disappear” Method

You can let the front “disappear” if you want to make your legs look more slender. You only need to put the front into the waistband, it can reflect your waist and leg length immediately.

1470625117_hqNVmX 1470625799_P359nf

Also you can wear boyfriend’s white shirt, it can make you look more leisure and feels more comfortable.

3.Off the Shoulder

Off-shoulder white shirt is the hottest dressing method this year, if you do not do these kind of things, that will be a huge loss for you. You can open neckband to the rear, or only revealing one shoulder, show more skin not only cool but also make you looks thin in summer.

off shoulder1 off shoulder2

4.Inside out

Inside out dressing is more and more become one of the most hottest dressing style recently. You can find lots of samples on the street snap. It can create a stylish look with an old shirt.

inside out1 inside out2 inside out3 inside out4 inside out5 inside out6


The most creative thing about the shirt is to change a white shirt to a strapless top. You can turn this on with any long sleeve white shirt, even you can make a butterfly knot with sleeves.

Here’s the method:


strapless1 strapless2

For the love of a white shirt, each person has different thoughts. Some prefer classic, some are like DIY style.

Hope this article can help you find the right style for white shirt this summer.

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Fashion Blogger’s Top Six Collocation Methods

If you want to have a fabulous look every single day, you should learn from fashion bloggers, each of them has their own unique skills to match each set of clothes. Today let’s see fashion blogger’s top seven collocation methods to provide you with some inspiration. Allow you to instantly become a fashion blogger, be the protagonist of street snap shot!



Everyone loves sneaker, you should know that sneaker is universal collocation.

Now sneaker is more interesting than high heels! Off shoulder + Sneaker is also the hottest collocation this year, you can go out on street leisurely.

off shoulder+sneaker

Even if in the mix of any style, a pair of sneakers can appear very harmonious.mix style


When you want to wear a shirt or even a white shirt, bigger is better! Oversize shirt is the hottest style this summer.

oversize shirt1 oversize shirt2


No matter how bland you wear, a reliable belt is always the savior, makes your look unique. Belt can also raise your waist line.

belt1 belt2

4.Leopard coat & white sneakers

You can get miraculous power from a leopard coat plus white sneaker,

leopard coat plus white sneaker


Sequins can enable you to become the most dazzling one in the crowd.

Sequins1 Sequins2

6.Fancy pyjamas

This season you can see lots of celebrities wearing pyjamas out. Pyjamas can create different fashion styles with elaborate collocation. Silk pyjamas can be the best investment for you this summer.

pyjamas1 pyjamas2

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How to Save Your Imperfect Leg Type with Long Skirts

Summer is the season of the most easily exposed body type. If you have an imperfect leg type, you may wear pants to cover it. But it’s not the most effective solution. A beautiful maxi dress can make you look elegant and curvy. You will know how to save your imperfect leg type with a simple beautiful maxi dress after seeing the choice of these stars.


1.Mother of the Dragons – Emilia Clarke

In latest film <Me Before You> we can see that Emilia Clarke has a modelling of disastrous shows her thick legs and imperfect body type.

Emilia Clarke1 Emilia Clarke2

But let’s see how she struck with a pure color floor length prom dress on the red carpet. It’s totally a different kind of temperament.

Emilia Clarke3 Emilia Clarke4

2.Emmy Rossum

Emmy Rossum has a typical “elephant leg”. It can easily form a bright contrast when she wearing shorts. But her calf is a bit more slender, this advantage made her more suitable to wear a long skirt.

Emmy Rossum1 Emmy Rossum2

The whole person presents the visual effect of slim after wearing a long skirt. And ankle skirt covers the “elephant legs” figure faults, with a pair of strappy sandals show more thin.

Emmy Rossum4 Emmy Rossum5

3.Elle Fanning

Leg can be one of the most difficult parts to lose weight in the female body. Long-term fitness like Elle Fanning, it’s easy to make crus muscle difficult to melt, it seems to be the same size with thigh in distance.

Elle Fanning4 Elle Fanning3 Elle Fanning2 Elle Fanning1

Long maxi dress with hem slightly more spread out can weaken the degree of thick calf on the vision. On the material selection, frivolous fabrics can bring more lightsome sense.

4.Keira Knightley

Although she has the height of 168, but Keira Knightley belongs to one of the famous actress who has bad legs proportion. Short legs became her biggest shape defect. So you can rarely see Keira Knightley appearing in shorts and short skirt. And she is famous for “flat shape”, there is a lot of limitations on the clothing choices. But looked at her red carpet look so many times, you will be surprised to find, high waist skirt was a “short legs star” must-have item.

Keira Knightley2 Keira Knightley3 Keira Knightley4 Keira Knightley1

After seeing these celebrity’s choice, you must have your own idea to save your imperfect body type. Hope this article can help you look perfect in this summer.

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One of the Most Popular Sandals This Summer – Strappy Sandals

The more simple the easier it is to become a classic, if you want to be an elegant woman this summer. You should go and get one of the most popular sandals this summer – strappy sandals.

You must have seen many fashion bloggers and street style models put on the strappy sandals! Black is all matched, metal color is super personality, really great to match with jeans and dresses.

If your feet are thin, you can choose narrow band strappy sandal. Look from the vision, narrow band shows more light than thick strap, more large area of bare feet makes the vision more fully.

Whether casual or formal occasions, narrow band strappy sandals are one of the most classic choice for you.

strappy sandals

Many strappy sandal’s strap are very fine, so we will see two thin belts or side by side, or cross, or winding design together. Olivia Palermo has a special liking to this kind of shoe.

Strappy Sandals2

Summer will inevitably have to wear bright colors, the complex pictorial printing dresses, a pair of simple strappy sandals, sure enough style yet did not grab the limelight.

Strappy Sandals3

If your feet are bigger, you should choose a pair of thick strappy sandals. By reducing the feet bare area, “lose weight” for your feet on the vision, add more feeling of stylish.

thick strappy sandal thick strappy sandal2

If your skin is wheat color, you can try metal color just like super model Miranda Kerr.

miranda kerr

Also you can select white or wine red sandal.

white color wine red

If you still have for color choice phobia… Do not hesitate to choose black.

black black1 black2

After reading so many celebrity’s choice believe you should also have your own answers. Don’t hesitate to find your favorite one.

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5 Fun & Effective Way of Fitness This Summer

When summer arrives,  all we think about is rolled the skewers, open party, stay in the cool air conditioning room and forget to take the physical exercise. To be honestly, no one is prepared to stay in the sweltering gym with hot sweat. But if you want to keep a fit body all the time, I can recommend you five kinds of summer outdoor exercise, which is funny and effective.



Swimming should be the most effective way of fitness, it can burn 500 calories per hour. Also it can improve the function of cardiovascular, improve lung capacity, improve muscle system’s ability and shape a healthy body. Let you refreshed after swimming, absolute effectively than sweat ran outside.


2.Go Hiking

Go hiking can use up 400 calories per hour, the specific consumption quantity bases on your location and intensity of hiking. Hiking can explore new areas and enjoy the beautiful view around the city, take nice photos, you can relax your body and mind as well.



Surfing can make people forget the worries, to experience with the sea fight again and again, galloping on the sea waves. Surfing can exercise to your upper back, legs, hips and core muscles, burns 350 calories per hour, and it can improve the balance beam and coordination. It is one of the best water sports.


4.Jogging on the Beach

The benefits of jogging on the beach are two things: One,the sand can be running buffer pressure on your joints, can also add some confrontational training; Second, running beside water is absolutely better than on the side of the road……

beach run

5.Hot Yoga

Hot yoga has beneficial effect for weight loss, detoxification and sculptures shape, it is a popular method of innovation practice.

hot yoga

Hope this article can help you find the most suitable way of fitness this summer.

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