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Find the Most Fashionable Color this Summer at

2016 Rio Olympic Games will soon begin, the whole of August is about to become the Olympic month. The five colors of the Olympic rings are definitely the most fashionable this summer. We recommended you these colored dresses from Dresswe to help you became the most brilliant scenery line this summer.


1.Red – America

Red stands for passion and romance. The sultry summer day, the more you need a fiery red, make you more attractive under the sunshine.


red1 red

2.Yellow – Asia

Bright yellow can make you look more moderate like sunshine. Such collocation can let you more pure and fresh.


3.Green – Australia

Green is vernal color, also representing vitality and nature. Provide a person a kind of summer cool and refreshing feeling.

green2 green1

4.Blue – Europe

Blue is a symbol of eternity, it represents the composed with female temperament. Both deep blue and sky blue can bring you a vibrant feeling.

blue1 blue2

5.Black – Africa

Black dress is the classic of fashion forever. If you don’t know what to wear, wear black then.

black1 black2

Hope it can give you a little inspiration. Find more elegant evening dresses at Dresswe.

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Nude Heels VS Black Heels, Which is the Most Versatile Shoes in Fashion

A pair of versatile shoes can keep us company an elegant life, you can match it with different styles. Nude heels and black heels are two classic shoes of fashion. Today let’s see which one is the most versatile shoe in the fashion world.

1.Nude heels can make you look like taller than usual

There’s one word – “Nude is the new black.” Due to consistent with the color of skin, nude heels can magically combine with calf, unlimited extension of leg ministry line.


Open-toed shoes are the most popular shoes this summer. Check and see which is better through the comparisons of models.

Charlize Theron VS Diane Kruger

Charlize Theron VS Diane Kruger

Anna Dello Russo VS Alessandra Ambrósio

Anna Dello RussoVSAlessandra Ambrósio

The collocation of clothes and shoes are also essential.

Nude heel + Skirt

nudeheel6 nudeheels4

Nude heel + Pants

nudeheel7 nudeheels5

2. Most Versatile – Tied

Because nudity can dissolve into the color of skin, the effect is self-evident. Black, we all know as the spokesman of “If you don’t know what to wear, wear black,” no one can shake black’s status of classical versatile shoes.

black2 black1 black3 nude1 nude2 nude3

3.Black heels show thin

There is no doubt that black heels show thinner than nude.

Alexa Chung VS Chiara Ferragni


Model VS Kim Kardashian


4. Black heel can make you look more white

Colors affect skin problems involve many color principles, but it is obvious that black heel can make you look more white than nude one.

black7 nude10

Hope this article can help you choose the right heel to through this delightful summer.

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Top 15 Tiny Tattoo for Girls on Instagram

A tattoo is a symbol of beauty, mystery, sex and charm. Also it is the embodiment of the unique personality and self incisively and vividly, even the personal beliefs.

As the hot weather, the girls on the street are modified into the vest and shorts. In addition to the collocation of fashion, an elaborate tattoo can make you more conspicuous. Today let’s see the top 15 tiny tattoos for girls I gathered from Instagram. Hope you can find your favorite one.


1.Accessorize Your Heart

Accessorize your heart tattoo

2.Baby Bow Baby bow tattoo


Bouquet tattoo


Crisscross tattoo


Electric tattoo

6.Go with the flow

Go with the flow tattoo

7.In Flight

In Flight tattoo

8.Keep It Simple

Keep It Simple tattoo


Location tattoo

10.Lotus Flower

Lotus Flower tattoo

11.One Wave

One Wave tattoo

12.Peace Sign

Peace Sign tattoo

13.Ride the Wave

Ride the Wave tattoo

14.Take Your Shot

Take your shot tattoo


Together tattoo

Popular Fashion Trend – Beautiful in Little White Dress

White is one of the most important color elements in summer, it is always easy to give a person a kind of clean, fresh and beautiful vision. Especially the girl wear white, it can increase more Inherent temperament naturally.

The girl who likes white dress has a simple and pure world, just like a lovely angel. If you want to catch up on the most popular fashion trend this season, you should add a beautiful white dress to your wardrobe.


Let’s see how influential female star and model rock with a little white dress at first.

1.Olivia Palermo

This street style beauty is always fashionably on point with fantastic collocation. She combined with a waist-cinching little white belt and comfy flats to rock with lace white dress. Looks both type and nature.

Oilvia Palermo Oilvia Palermo2

2.Taylor Swift & Karlie Kloss

This pair of bestie both belongs to the tall type of beauty.  Yet they choose different style of little white dress to wear out.

The Victoria’s Secret model makes a statuesque pose in a lovely lace white dress with delicate earrings and nude sandals.

The talented musician is looking perfectly in a pretty floral print little white dress, accessorizing it with an embellished braided headband, handbag, and strappy nude heels.

Karlie Kloss Taylor Swift

Then let me introduce you a great online store – Dresswe. It has a lot of little white dresses with affordable price. If you want to dress up like a super model or street style star as well, you should take a look at the collection of special occasion dresses at I’m pretty sure that you will find the perfect little white dress with satisfaction.

Airy Empire Dasha's Sweetheart Straps Beach Wedding Dress Fashion Elegant Printing Two Pieces Long Beach Maxi Dress Top Quality Sleeveless Summer Long Maxi Dress Vogue Silk Sweet Little Party Dress

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Perfect Special Occasion Dresses in Autumn & Winter Haute Couture Week 2016

The week-long autumn and winter haute couture week came to a perfect ending in the 90th anniversary big show of the FENDI.

Haute couture fashion week usually set all senior handicraft from the garment industry. Whether the tailoring of clothing and material is the most excellent,designer is also taking out his “housekeeping” ability to design the high set of each season. Haute couture fashion week shows dress is undoubtedly the most worthy of reference.



Chanel has always been the most eye-catching brand in the haute couture industry. The integration of all the world’s top manual mill show,even a feather on the garment, is a fusion of a lot of effort.

chanel2 chanel


This season Dior flagship the black and white wind. The classic profile of the minimalist modern wind, gives a person a kind of relaxed all the more this feeling.

Dior Dior2


On the 90th anniversary of the Fendi big show,fur is one of the most important elements. The painting and even every embroidery decoration can see the figure of fur.

Fendi Fendi2


This haute couture fashion week is the last cooperation of Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli – the two design masters. In this show,designer drags us back to the 16th century of Renaissance. Make the show more beautiful.

Valentino Valentino2

Hope you can find some inspiration in big brand’s haute couture fashion show.

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Top 10 – The Most Attractive Haute Couture Street Snap in Paris

Haute couture clothing is the highest state of fashion,originated from the famous designer Charles Frederic Worth in Paris. He created the beginning of haute couture clothing in Paris,1858. Eventually became the French representative of the ancient traditions of luxury.

From the beginning history of tailor, garments are according to the status of individual. Different people have different approaches. In general,every piece is personalized.

Autumn/winter 2016 Paris couture fashion week has perfect came to a close. Despite the supermodel and big brand of fashion week,every quarter countless street snap over-the-counter can make people crazy. We select elaborately the top 10 street snap during the Paris haute couture fashion week. It completely covers all modern secrets in the next half year.  All kinds of popular element such as embroidery,printing,dew shoulder,boob tube top and hollow out. Get your favorite style in the following.

street snap1 street snap2 street snap3 street snap4 street snap5 street snap6 street snap7 street snap8 street snap9 street snap10

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How to Choose Perfect Long Evening Dresses

Party Culture & Evening Dresses

For the purpose of conversation, socializing, celebration or commemoration of special occasions, a party is always held by a host so as to gather people. Parties can be categorized into different types according to their purposes and occasions, such as birthday parties, sweet sixteen parties, black tie parties, business parties and more. It is known to all that different occasions may require different dressing style. When talking about black tie parties and business parties, most people may think about an elegant and formal dressing style. Perhaps, a specific clothing type will come to their mind. That is evening dresses.

Evening dresses are kind of long flowing women dresses that are suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions. Generally speaking, most evening dresses have a long length. Compared with short length, long length looks more elegant and formal. That’s why long evening dresses are so popular at parties.

party1 party2

How to Choose Perfect Long Evening Dresses

Parties are usually great part of our social life and we may have to attend various parties, informal, formal or semi-formal. We may not worry a lot about informal parties, while we do spend lots of time on choosing perfect evening dresses for formal or semi-formal parties which usually have particular dressing style. Then, how to choose perfect evening dresses, especially long evening dresses?


It is better that you get some information about the party that you are attending beforehand so that you can decide how you should look, classic and elegant or shining and outstanding. Generally, your dressing style should be in line with the occasion and theme of the party. If you are attending a business party, you may need to wear a classic and elegant long evening dress. If you are attending an awards party, you may want to wear a shining and luxury long evening dress.

Body Shape

When choosing a long evening dress, the body shape of the wearer really matters. If you do not know the advantage and disadvantage of your body, you may not know which part you should emphasize and which you should hide. For example, if you have an apple-shaped body, you will have broad shoulders, a full bust, an undefined waist as well as thinner arms and legs. Extra weight will reside around your belly. That is to say, when you choose your long evening dress, you should hide your extra weight and bring attention away from undefined waist. If you know this before going shopping, you surely can save lots of time and find a perfect dress.

Skin Color

You should take your skin color into consideration if you want to make a good fashion statement in long evening dresses. Always choose a long evening dress in a color that flatters your skin to make you look radiant and elegant. If you have a dark skin color, do not choose bright colors since they can make your skin look darker.


How to Style Long Evening Dresses

What you wear always will show your social status. Long evening dresses are usually worn to formal or semi-formal parties where you can see people from different social class. If you want to show your high social status, you’d better know some tips on how to style long evening dresses.



Jewelry is always a need when you are wearing long evening dresses, but it does not mean the more the better. Sometimes, you need to know a fact that less is more. If your evening dress is exquisite and complicated, it’s better for you to choose simple designed jewelry pieces to avoid looking clumsy. If your dress is a little bit simple, then add some sophisticated jewelry pieces to highlight your entire outfit.

Evening Shawl
shawlAn evening shawl is always a good item to wear with an evening dress, especially when the weather is cold. A well-chosen evening shawl can not only offer warmth to you but also can add a luxury touch to your look. Therefore, when you are choosing an evening shawl, do make sure that its color, design and texture match your dress. Also, the safety way to wear an evening shawl is to put it behind your neck and let it end over your shoulders if you do not want to look too sloppy or too weird.


When it comes to the question what kind of bags you should wear with long evening dresses, the most popular answer must be clutches. Different from other bags, clutches are chic and easy to carry. You can put all your small things into a clutch and carry it anywhere without too much effort. Also, its small dimension allows you to show every part of your beautiful dress.


Recommended Long Evening Dresses

recommend1 recommend2 recommend3