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Achieve Marvelous and Sexy Looks Even if you have small bust line

It is more than possible to enhance your chest line and look as sexy as you wish. Thus, to hide the small bust, we share fantastic secrets:
Start by leaving very deep necklines as strapless models behind. V models are just very pronounced- they simply highlight the absence of the bust.
Wear tops that have details like pockets, ruffles, drapes, embroidery, ribbons, glitter or sequins. These will help you visually create some volume in the bust area and hide your small bust.
Wear shirts, blouses or jackets with textures and bold prints to give volume to your small bust.
Try to wear heavy and light colors in the area of your bust and avoid using very dark colors.
Help yourself with patterns. Stick to curvilinear designs and tops forms; they will favor by generating visual volume in the upper part of your body and make your bust look more prominent.
Add accessories that will help you create volume in that area of the body such as a brooch or necklace of several strands to fall on your chest. These accessories will make your bust look bigger.

Analyze your current wardrobe
Determine what kind of activities you invest most of your time, i.e. in the office, at home, etc. And see if you have enough office clothes for such tasks, then go to the second most frequent activity like outings during weekends or if you practice a particular sport and note the items that are missing.

Plain Loose Mid-Length Long Sleeve Notched Lapel Trench Coat-Green

Plain Loose Mid-Length Long Sleeve Notched Lapel Trench Coat-Pink

Plain Loose Mid-Length Long Sleeve Notched Lapel Trench Coat-Yellow

Plain Loose Mid-Length Long Sleeve Notched Lapel Trench Coat

Apart from the above tips, do not forget the extra little help you can get with underwear. Wear push up bras, they will make your bust look bigger.
This will help you support your current fashion styles and find appropriate clothing to enhance your bust line, too. Be it a push up sports bra or a fancy bra for dinner time.
Make a list of the items that you must purchase, this analysis will help you identify your closet and determine whether you lack basic items or not. Thus, next time you have a special event and want to look sexy, you will be ready thanks to most beautiful outfits!

nice underwear

Enjoy Warm Weather By Rocking Most Sexy Shoes 2017

As you may know, tropical areas or Caribbean locations stand out due to hot seasons all year round. If you are going on vacation to a tropical destination, make sure to wear the hottest footwear.
The warm weather invites us to leave behind closed shoes and show our feet in sandals and cool shoes. To keep you at the forefront of fashion, we will introduce some of the proposals that will trend in footwear and allow you to feel comfortable, cool and chic.

Trend footwear to feel comfortable, cool and chic.

Super flat sandals and casual dress
The completely flat base sandals are a must for this season. You can wear them with casual dresses, skirts, pants and shorts because they are very versatile. Of the different options available in the market, we recommend those with bands and leather details and metallic designs for casual outings or nighttime events.

Super flat sandals and casual dress

Gladiator sandals style
Gladiator sandals are perfect for a chic boho style, they are sophisticated and fun and give much prominence your feet. If you opt for this style of sandals, we recommend you choose black tones, coffee, nude or gold models to combine with the greatest amount of clothing. Be careful with this style if you have calves or thick ankles.
Birkenstock Sandals type
If you are looking primarily comfort, then the type Birkenstock sandals will be your best allies. They are perfect for casual looks and can be combined with jeans, shorts and skirts. Look for them in vibrant shades like orange, turquoise, coral or floral patterns so that your feet stand out.
Sandals with studs or rhinestones
If you want to give your feet an Edgy touch, then sandals with studs and jewels should not be missed in your closet. This style of sandals are striking and sophisticated with a rock twist, making them ideal for nights out and semi-formal looks.
Wedge Sandals type
This type of sandals is a chic alternative to replacing pumps and stilettos in some causal looks- perfect for this tropical trip. You can wear them to accompany your shorts, skirts, pants boot tube and sundresses.
Overall, the final choice will depend on your taste. Stick to most amazing trends this season and walk comfortable!

Stick to most amazing trends this season and walk comfortable!

Most Amazing Style Tips To Project More Authority At Work

Are you ready to pick the best items that will help you project confidence and authority at the office? What to choose? Read on! We highlight some basic women fashion concepts:
Finding shirts and blazers with structured collars, garments with straight lines or perfectly tailored to your body silhouettes is a great idea.
Shopping for big fists, like structured accessories such as a square bag.
Try not wearing very short skirts, tight styles, or extremely plunging necklines or transparencies, and in general, any garment that does not help you to project an image of professionalism in your workplace.

Modern V-Neck Long Sleeves Sheath Mini Formal Dress

Makeup and Hair
Make sure you select subtle makeup and comb your hair soberly. Makeup and the way you comb your hair can help you project a good professional and authoritative image. We advise you to opt for a subtle style and classic makeup. Try sticking to simple hairstyles as high horse tails, and neatly combed hair down.

Makeup and Hair

Pay attention to your tone of voice
It is very important that the tone of voice you use to address your colleagues and superiors is loud enough for all to hear you in a meeting room but not so high that they can hear you in other offices or cubicles.
Mind your language
Avoid using bad language or expressions in bad taste. Try not to call others with nicknames or little formal words. Avoid yelling at all costs, because the screams projects zero authority, in turn, this projects insecurity.
Try to always greet your superiors with a firm handshake. We advise you to always look in the eyes to greet, generally to anyone who addresses you.

Pay attention to your tone of voice

Holding the look is always a sign of confidence that radiates authority. Do not impose your will without listening to people with respect, but do not let your opinions be ignored, find the right moment to convey what you think without impositions. We recommend you stay balanced and looking sharp by browsing to options!

Holding the look is always a sign of confidence that radiates authority.

An Elegant A-Line Mini Dress To Feel Glam And Chic

The Lace skirt is one of the feminine garments par excellence that manages to enhance the shape of the woman’s body and allows creating very sensual and attractive looks.
Elegant A-Line Bateau Lace Mini Homecoming Dress
The Elegant A-Line Bateau Lace Mini Homecoming Dress style is very flattering for those tall women with long legs, because they shorten the figure and can carry them even with flat shoes. Its matte satin is so unique. It will make you glow!

Elegant A-Line Bateau Lace Mini Homecoming Dress-1

Miniskirts are not recommended for women with thick legs, as they will make them look shorter by enhancing their volume. Even so, if you are going to take them, it is advisable to wear them with thick socks and heels.
If you are of short stature but do not want to give up wearing a maxi skirt, you will only have to take into account tips like choosing a model that marks the waist avoiding those that remain at the height of the hip, and wear it with shoes heel or wedge.
To get right with the choice of this garment and look good, it is important that we take into account which size will best fit our figure.

Elegant A-Line Bateau Lace Mini Homecoming Dress-2

Extra short skirts like this one are an incredible option for women with long and thin legs, as they will be able to stylize their figure to the fullest. Of course, in case you do not want your legs to look thinner than they already are, avoid wearing these skirts in very high heels. And if your calves are too skinny, you can wear high boots to cover them and look more attractive.

Sexy Black Suede Rhinestones Upper Stiletto Heels Pumps

In case you are going to wear a skirt of this type but are not exactly slim, you can opt for dark and smooth colors that are at or slightly above the knee. If you need extra help to find looks with this garment, do not miss the tips of the article How to combine tube skirts.
To take advantage of this garment, we invite you to browse through other dresses colors and sizes at

How To Wear A Fancy Little Black Dress

You’ve seen the last in mini black dresses, you want one, but you do not dare to get one because you do not know what to combine with, do you? Although at first glance may seem like articles relegated to haute couture, the truth is that women can also wear one. They are not as difficult to wear as they may seem, so in a way we explain some tips on how to combine fabulous dresses.
When combining a little black dress, one of the most recommended options is to opt for a basic shirt, so that what stands out is only the skirt. The color of accessories will depend on the color of the dress; although black and white is usually a good choice for everything.
Also, you must take into account the occasion when you will wear your dress with gold garments or with feathers, depending whether it is a formal event or a more informal occasion. In the first case, we recommend you wear good heels along with the feather skirt.
The Sexy Pleated Strapless Lace Sheath Little Black Dress is one of the best options.

Sexy Pleated Strapless Lace Sheath Little Black Dress-1

Likewise, if you are going to wear a mini dress with a more casual and casual look, you can combine it with flat boots. You can also add a touch more rocker by adding some leather garment.

Sexy Pleated Strapless Lace Sheath Little Black Dress-2

Don’t combine this little black dress with a top part with strident patterns like stripes, excessive accessories and bling. Do not look for another item with too much strength because you run the risk of overloading the look (or look like a bird!). Bet on simple shirts that go unnoticed, because the skirt will attract all eyes.
If you want to find best outfits, go ahead and browse through ultimate discounts and exclusive dresses.

Plain Black Sheath/Column Knee-Length Flowers Dasha's Cocktail Dress

How To Choose A Party Outfit According To My Body

The runway is full of amazing styles and it can become quite confusing to select the ultimate look. Finding nice, stylish and fashionable party clothing is very easy considering the number of models we have available today in stores. The really complicated thing is to give the dress that best suits your figure, which enhances the most attractive parts of your body and that fits perfectly with your personal style.
In dresswe you can find majestic looks. Read on and learn know how to choose party attire according to your body and get you feel safe in any type of event.
Denim is back
Regarding fabrics, denim is an essential in our daily outfit and will be present in garments that we can combine to go to the latest in an easy, fast and economic. In turn, the silky dresses and the use of wool as a decorating element return. Good news is, you can find infinite designs at

Tassel Standard Slim Single-Breasted Jacket

But without a doubt, the best style that comes back is the ‘Boho dresses’ or ‘Hippie’ with colorful and daring prints that remind us of the most free and transgressive era of the 60’s. Also, within the use of denim, the return of the famous rave pants and the fashion of jeans style mom and boyfriend will be a must this new season.
Body with triangular shape
Women with this type of body are characterized by having the shoulders narrower and thinner than the area of the hips that are wider, as well as the buttocks and legs, which also tend to be quite bulky.

To compensate for this disproportion, the ideal is to opt for short, light and fluffy party dresses to dissimulate the width of the hips. In this regard, empire cut dresses are the best choice.

A-Line/Princess Scoop Floor Length Renata's Bridesmaid Dress

The draped part of the chest will make the shoulders look wider, while the loose part of the skirt will hide your curves. Also, empire court dresses are great for triangular shaped figures. We hope the above tips have served to make the best out of your shopping experience.

Finding Most Appealing Styles 2017 / 2018

What clothes should I wear today? This is the question of the century and which hundreds of thousands of people face every day when they wake up, whether they are lovers or not of fashion. Good news is, got you covered!
Each morning, when we observe our reflection in the mirror, with our hair disheveled and still with legas in our eyes, we are not sure what clothes we should choose to start the day. If it is also about knowing how to dress to go to work, it is even more difficult.

Off-The-Shoulder Short Sleeves Mermaid Knee-Length Cocktail Dress

For this reason, in this article we offer you information on the trends of autumn / winter 2017-2018, suggestions to inspire you in great and potential icons of fashion from all over the world, useful and comfortable ways to get you the best fashion from home. And because of its attractive shapes, textures and colors that the fashion industry has launched for this new collection, being up to date and ready in a few minutes every morning will be the easiest from now on.

New Accessories trends
Knowing what clothes to wear each day can be simpler if you know what it takes each season. This autumn / winter, for example, the new trends will surprise you completely, because they will return old fabrics and styles that seemed never to return to footbridges or to the shops of foot, but that they have done to stay.
For example, with regard to the preferred color for this autumn / winter, red will bring the definite point of warmth and energy needed for these cold and nostalgic days.

Fashion Concise chain Lady's Handbags

At the same time, black handbags, military green clothes and beige garments colors will remain very present in the looks we see during this season. On the other hand, you will also be able to appreciate other colors with a great chromatic and visual impact, which will undoubtedly ensure that you do not go unnoticed, like yellow on synthetic hair coats.

The Perfect Graduation Party Dress For A Stunning Look

A graduation party is a very important celebration because it represents the end of an incredible stage. Involve many emotions, such as the joy of finishing school and the sadness of saying goodbye to your classmates; some of them become friends for life. In addition to all this bunch of feelings, another important point of this celebration is the choice of the perfect prom party dress.
To achieve this, you only need to take into account the following tips to choose the best graduation dress that will fit you best, according to your skin tone and body type.

Chic A Line High Low Lace Asymmetry Prom Dress
In this post we subtly recommend considering a fancy Chic A Line Prom Dress.


This dress will allow you to maintain the balance and the right silhouette. You can wear this marvelous dress with embellishments that accentuate the waist and a classy neckline but maintaining the good taste.
While this is a unique design, you still need to consider some details such as the dress color. Take note!

A) For girls of white complexion, the colors that favor them are the bright ones like red, yellow, orange and the pastel shades that are in tendency.
B) While the brunette girls get the best out of their skin, if they use colors like white, navy blue, blue king, dark gray and black.
When in doubt, it is best to choose dresses with very striking skirts, which have few fancy adornments and layers. You should avoid drawing attention in the neck area to prevent the shoulders from looking wider than the hip.

Chic A Line High Low Lace Asymmetry Prom Dress-2

What every girl with a rectangle-shaped body needs is to give the illusion of a curvilinear silhouette. To achieve this, she opts for designs with adornments at the waist and shoulders, as well as skirts with vaporous fabrics or cut A.
If your graduation party is daytime, then you can wear short graduation dress without any problem. The best colors for a day celebration are clear and without glittery ornaments. If you decide to show off in a short dress, make sure it is not too short. You will not want to spend your special day feeling uncomfortable or unable to do what you want.

Off the Shoulder Short Sleeves Red Lace Homecoming Dress

On the other hand, if you do not have much experience using high heels, it is best to choose ones with which you feel comfortable to avoid walking badly or stumble and hurt you. Now, dare to find most beautiful styles at you will be surprised on how many unique items are offered at a discounted price. Enjoy!

Buying Tips To Find Best Fashion Dresses 2017

If you have an important event such as a graduation, and you are looking for fashion dresses, youth dresses and dress models that fit your personality, do not forget to read these tips to choose the ideal evening dress for your event and see you spectacular. Now read on and make sure you stay tuned for best Halloween season discount!

Best Gown dresses for unique events
When choosing an evening dress, we tend to forget about the type of event we will attend. Weddings, for example, require special attention to color, since white is exclusive to the bride. For graduations it all depends on whether you are the graduate, in which case we recommend a long dress such as Beading Strapless Lace-Up Ball Gown Dress, or if you are invited, for this case we recommend more casual evening dresses.

Beading Strapless Lace-Up Ball Gown Dress

You must take into account an important factor when choosing your evening dress: the color of your skin. Usually girls with white complexion, they dress more the dresses of night in bright colors like reds, yellows, oranges, roses, violets, etc. For brown hides, tones such as navy blue, black, dark gray, etc. are more advisable.
Strapless Gown Dresses 2017
Feeling comfortable is important, so before choosing your evening dress, try it on, walk with it, wear it with the accessories you intend to wear and make sure that the cut favors you, that there is nothing in it that is more or less.

Sweet Beading Strapless Lace-Up Ball Gown Dress is a fantastic bet. Made of tulle, its floor length, makes it an ideal dress.

Sweet Beading Strapless Lace-Up Ball Gown Dress-1

Choosing an evening ball gown is a task in which you have to consider several aspects, generally these models are long and reach the ankles, but depending on the event and where it will take place.

Sweet Beading Strapless Lace-Up Ball Gown Dress-2

Finally, we recommend you to meditate your choice: it is not the same a long evening dress in a rainy city, than on a beach where it is very hot. If everything convinces you: the neckline, the length, the shape of the skirt, etc., then you have found your ideal dress to feel radiant.

A Guide To Buy The Most Fashionable Clothes 2017

For a current look, you undoubtedly need to pay attention to the trends of the season, but also consider your body type. is full of one-of-a-kind clothing styles and best part is, this Halloween season is full of surprises you don’t want to miss! Let’s dive in.
Silhouettes vary based on the width of the shoulders, hips and waist. In that sense, fashionistas believe that while there is a body type that may be objectively better than another, the culturally ideal for women body is the hourglass. Thus, the aim of the recommendations is to try to give the impression you have this body type, characterized by having shoulders and hips of similar width and a well-defined waist.
Women who have visibly wider hips than shoulders should try to highlight shoulders and hips, a characteristic of the so-called hourglass body. Thus, the bandeaux, printed ruffles, embroidery or some detail on the bodice are ideal. For the bottom, it is best not to add bulk and to avoid strident tones because it will make this part look wider than it already is.

Maxi dress
The maxi dress is imposed as a protagonist, especially with colorful patterns. Accompanying the monoblock and tankinis, both are single variants that will make you look fabulous.
Prints include vertical and horizontal straight lines, fruits and tropical designs, such as palm trees and flowers and animal print designs are so in! Overlapping patterns that arose in previous seasons continue in both, bikinis and tankinis 2017. The Floral Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress will make you look fantastic.

Fashion Hot Sale Floral Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress-1

Color palette
The color palette offers a wide variety of black and white classics and even pastel turquoise, lilac and more strident tones in green, blue, yellow, orange and pink range. In some cases, swimsuit collections are completely smooth and add permeated details.

 Fashion Hot Sale Floral Print V-Neck Long Sleeve Maxi Dress-2

Beyond trends 2017
If you are a classic woman, it is most likely that you will not need to incorporate tropical prints and instead, feel much more comfortable in a plain swimsuit.
If the preference is an integral mesh or a tankini, you’d better play with more brightly colored or patterned necklines and a flatter and opaque style in the rest of the swimwear design.
If your hips are rather straight and your shoulders are wider, make sure you bring attention to the hip area to visually increase their size. In this sense, a Fashion Long Sleeve Bowknot Maxi Dress is traditionally the most flattering ones. Ideally, avoid very finite straps and strapless since only thing they will do is emphasize and enlarge the area of the shoulders.

Fashion Long Sleeve Bowknot Maxi Dress-1 Fashion Long Sleeve Bowknot Maxi Dress-2

Fashion Long Sleeve Bowknot Maxi Dress