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Dresswe 11.11 Singles Day

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Jane Fonda Won The Old Handsome Redford Intimate Heat Embrace

August 31, 2017, movie queen Jane Fonda and director Robert Redford won the Lifetime Achievement Award on the 74th Venice Film Festival.

Venice, Italy Local time on August 31, 2017, movie queen Jane Fonda and director Robert Redford won the Lifetime Achievement Award on the 74th Venice Film Festival. 80-year-old Jane Fonda was very elegant wearing a sequined dress, she received the award on stage and embrace with the director Robert Redford sweetly.

On "the soul of the night" at the press conference, Jane Fonda got Robert Redford intimate heat embrace

On "the soul of the night" at the press conference, Jane Fonda came out dressed in white pants.

At the same time, “the soul of the night” at the press conference, Jane Fonda came out dressed in white pants, got Robert Redford intimate heat embrace, she tilted feet and became a charming little woman.

Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in the Netflix film "Cade Sergeant"





Jane Fonda and Robert Redford in the Netflix film "Night of the soul"

In 1937, Jane Fonda was born in New York in the United States, she is Hollywood actor Henry Fonda’s daughter. At the age of 17, Jane and his father participated in the Omaha community theater production stage drama “country girl”. Henceforth, Jane Fonda began her acting career.

She had a deep relationship with Robert Redford and worked together four times. In 1966, Jane Fonda and Malone Brando, Robert Redford cooperated, co-starred in the horror film “Cade Sergeant”. In 1967, Jane Fonda again with Robert Redford co-starred in the love comedy movie “cold war couple” directed by Gini Sachs. In the film Jane Fonda fell in love with Robert Redford, but because he was already married, so there is no development. In 1979, Jane Fonda worked with Robert Redford for the third time, co-starred in the Western comedy film “Lightning Knight” directed by Sidney Pollack. In 2017, Jane Fonda and Robert Redford reunited on the big screen, they co-starred in the film to play both lost his wife’s neighbors in the Netflix film “Night of the soul”, which is their fourth cooperation in career.

Are Left-Handers More Smarter?

Yesterday is August 13th, do you know what day is it? It just is international Left-Handers Day! Yes, no doubt, this “left-handed” is what you know “left-handed” – people who used to use the left hand. On August 13, 1975, a group of leftists in the United States established an organization called the left-handed international organization, envisioning the union of the world’s leftists together for the rights of left-handed persons. In 1976, the organization held a celebration and identified August 13 as an international left day. It is understood that about 6% to 13% of the world’s people are left-handed, and this figure is still on the rise.

Left-handers are more and more.








Is there a left-hander in your friend? I think there is. Do you think they are smarter? In 2010, 895 samples were studied by scientists in Australia, the UK and New Zealand through the Brain Research and Integration Biology Network database. The conclusion is that the general cognitive ability of left-handed and right-handed persons is not very different, and those who are left and right-handed will be smarter.

People those who are left and right-handed will be smarter.







Will left-handed inheritance? Yes. If the parents are both left-handed, then the probability that child is left-handed is 26%. If one of the parents is left-handed, then the probability that the child is left-handed is 19%. If the parents are both right-handed, then the probability that child is left-handed is 9%. British Queen, Queen Victoria, King George VI and Queen Elizabeth two-room mother Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and Prince William are all left-handers.

Left-handed is genetic.


Those famous scientists, artists are actually left-handers? Yes, such as Relativity author Einstein, Gravitational Law Finder Newton, Radar Finder Marie Curie, Italian Renaissance great painter Da Vinci, German composer and pianist Beethoven, Spanish painter Picasso and American NBA coach Phil Jackson. US President Barack Obama is also a left-hander.

US President Barack Obama is also a left-hander.






Let us work together to care for left-landers.

Robbie Williams 2017 Vocal Concert

Everyone knows Robbie Williams is a very popular strength singer. He was born in England Staffordshire. His voice is very magnetic, low and charming. He is a British creation singer who has been nominated by the Grammy Awards and has won numerous British music awards. His record in the UK far surpassed the other British singers and won more British music awards than today’s other singers. At the same time, he possesses 55 million album sales across the world. In the 2006 global tour, Robbie Williams sold 1.6 million tickets in a single day, and recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records. 2017, Robbie Williams is come. In order to give back fans, Robbie Williams decided to conduct another global tour vocal concert.

Robbie Williams 2017 Vocal Concert

Address: London, Coventry, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Southampton, Manchester.

Classic repertoire: 《Feel》《Sexed Up》《Love My Life》

The most recent period was in 2017.6.17 after two days Republic of Ireland. What’s the feeling at the moment? Quickly buy tickets to ready to get high…

Creative Accessories Make You More Beautiful This Spring

If you want to get a different style in this spring, you can consider showing your creativity on the accessories. Different styles of accessories can make your shape become more beautiful and elegant.


Do not underestimate the capacity of a pair of sunglasses, it is definitely worth a sum of money to invest. The meaning of sunglasses has long been beyond the shade and looks good, choose a pair of sunglasses can really modify your face and lift the modeling.


Whether it is a celebrity or passers-by, no one can’t have a pair of sunglasses for their everyday look, a suitable sunglasses can reflect your fashion attitude perfectly.



Hat can also be tricky, clever to the makeup of the texture and monochrome wide along the hat organic combination of the overall feeling of bright.

Hat street style

Hats and hairstyles can match the creation of countless stunning shapes.



Since ancient times, the earrings are heart things of female dress up, whether it is gentle or luxury, this tiny earrings can set off temperament the most vividly.




Bracelet is the most indispensable accessories in spring and summer.


Wearing a retro-style bracelet, have your personal fashion attitude, showing an unparalleled charm.


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How to Rock with A Scarf | Warm & Style

As an indispensable part of the winter modeling, scarf is simply being loved by fashion people. Let’s see how to rock with a scarf in cold winter to bring you some inspiration.

1.All-Matching – Grey

As the darling of fashion circles, the first is certainly grey! No matter how many grey scarves you already have, it never is enough! Because the grey is really all-matching.

bow-blouse-grey-scarf-black-coat-pfw-street-style Taylor Hill Grey Scarf Street Style

2.Color Advanced – Contrast Color

If you want to get a different feeling, try a contrast color scarf. Show your extraordinary color matching skills in minutes, highlight the tight encirclement with a contrast color scarf in a black and blue winter.

Contrast Color Scarf Street Style Contrast Color Scarf Street Snap

3.Classic – Check Scarf

Check scarves always give you an elegant retro feel, it can greatly enhance your temperament.

Check Scarf Street Snap Check Scarf Street Style

4.Handsome – Animal Pattern

It cannot be missed for animal pattern lovers. Exaggerated Leopard, zebra and other animal patterns become reasonable because of winter, not just warm, but also add an uninhibited handsome charm.

leopard print scarf street style uninhibited animal pattern street style

5.Hottest – Pumpkin Color

As the hottest color for this season,you should get one pumpkin color scarf rock your winter modeling.

pumpkin color scarf street snap pumpkin color scarf street style

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The Most Memorable Men Dressed 2016

In past 12 months,countless parties have held all over the world. Stars exhausted mind to wear on the red carpet. We took stock of the most memorable men dressed this year to provide you with some inspiration.

1.Jared Leto

In this year’s Oscar ceremony, Leto attracted a lot of attention with this Givenchy lavender evening dress. It appears that only the bearded rock star can dress out of such an effect.

Jared Leto in Givenchy lavender evening dress

2.Quique Flores

The Premier League seems to be not much relationship with fashion. But this year, Flores gracefully appeared in Watford’s game site, becoming the most fashionable football coach of the year.

Quique Sánchez Flores in overcoat

3.Prince Harry

When the beard is no longer popular with modern men by the time, Prince Harry has used his classic yellow ginger-shaped, said his beard loyalty.

Prince Harry

4.Donald Trump

Donald Trump’s hair style is more attractive than his campaign declaration – make America great again!

Donald Trump

5.Daniel Craig

Craig proved a man wearing a tuxedo almost irresistible, Rachel Weisz is the best proof xD

Daniel Craig wearing a tuxedo

6.Harry Styles

Silk shirt and velvet tie set up a neutral style – that’s Harry Styles’s modeling in MV perfect.

Harry Styles in perfect mv

7.Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani

Top 10 Fashion Trends Spring&Summer 2017

Maybe you are wearing a bulky jacket now, or even two pairs of socks. But as the day and night alternately, the winter days are about to pass, you can immediately see the vibrant spring, and this also means that your wardrobe needs an update… Before that, all you need to do is understand the latest trends in the coming year and waiting for spring and summer.

1.Wallpaper-Style Floral Pattern

Spring is the season of flowering, of course you need a floral pattern. It’s started by Gucci.

wallpaper style floral pattern wallpaper style floral pattern street style

2.Modern Khaki

Although there is no subversive nature of the predictions of this color, in 2017 we can expect it to be presented in different forms, such as a pleated skirt or flounced skirt.

Khaki dress street style Khaki shirt street style

3.Exaggerated Stripes

Color breakthrough and texture breakthrough. Compared to the aforementioned fine stripes, 2017 stripes will appear more and more wide trend, but also in the color will become increasingly exaggerated.

Exaggerated stripes hoodie street style Exaggerated stripes street style

4.Cartoon T-shirt

Although this cartoon T-shirt is difficult to link up with a mature woman, but when you put it into the high waist skirt, and then with a necklace, it looks like it will be a very delicate modeling.


5.Heart-Shaped Pattern

Heart-shaped pattern street style


Regardless of the fact that in 2016 pink has been popular for a long time, but we expect a brighter color to start the new year, pink on the basis of the appearance of purple just to meet our expectation.

Fuchsia dress street style street-style-neon-pink-dress

7.Fold Collar

Popular style in the Victorian period, there is hope that once again ushers in resurgence. Fold-style high-necked design, passes out the gentle and sexy.

Fold Collar Shirt Street Style


07fafe0f56d59d4 Cute-Fashion-Outfits-for-Teens-18

9.Exaggerated Earrings

There is a period of time particularly popular minimalist style jewelry, but in 2017 exaggerated earrings will become a new trend, they will become your ear landscape.

Exaggerated Earrings pic Exaggerated Earrings street style

10.Mini Bag

mini-bag-with-pastel-outfit-and-oxfords women-mini-bags

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The Most Popular 5 Instagramers in Fashion

This year, which popular men and women will walk into the top 5 Instagramer?

Let’s see the list below:

Top1:Kendall Jenner

@kendalljenner followers:71m

Kendall once again earned the first Instagramer of the year by super-large number of fans. Before making a hub of the “cutting Internet addiction” delete the INS event less than a week on the end, but also to allow more users to pay attention to her, a return to the number of fans from 68 million to 70 million or more, is absolutely true “Star”.

Kendall kendall-jenner-gigi-hadid-street-style

Top2:Gigi Hadid

@gigihadid followers:27.3m

Although the number of fans has not much like her girlfriend Kendall Jenner, but the second half of 2016 was contracted by the Hadid sister! And Gigi Hadid’s fashion performance has gradually been recognized by the end of the year.

Gigi Hadid won 2016 British Fashion Awards issued by the “International Supermodel of the Year” award, it would be a great affirmation for her model career.

Gigi Hadid Style Gigi Hadid

Top3:Bella Hadid

@Bella Hadid followers:9m

Always a “bold-faced” Bella Hadid gets great attention on the fashion circle once her debut , but also praised “more suitable for Hi-Fashion than sweetheart Gigi”.

bella-hadid-street-snap bella-hadid-street-style

TOP4:Chiara Ferragni

@chiaraferragni followers:7.5m

Chiara Ferragni’s successful fashion blogger career has been as a great case. Chiara with their own efforts and success captured a lot of fans, but also by many brands of recognition.

chiara-ferragni-street-snap chiara-ferragni-street-style

Top 5:Taylor Hill

@taylor_hill followers:6.3m

In May 2015, 19-year-old Taylor Hill became a member of Victoria’s Secret, with only half a million followers. After a year and a half of the effort, Taylor Hill become fans favorite model with sweet smile and excellent expression. taylor-hill-street-style


Taylor hill

New York woman fashion Week Fall Winter 2015-16
In the picture: Taylor hill

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12 Rainbow Kingdom on Earth You Must Visit

Throughout the Eastern and Western architecture, we already have too many old-fashioned dull buildings and skyscrapers, and more hope that life can be more color, colorful can always make people feel good, there are 12 rainbow kingdoms on our planet that you must visit.

1.Buenos Aires (Argentina)

Buenos Aires was originally home to a large number of immigrants, is now a gathering place for working-class and art lovers, the main walkway – EL Caminito, colorful buildings and cafes are the best place to relax.

Buenos Aires (Argentina)

2.Old Town Colmar (France)

This French Alsatian town is truly a fairy tale castle, a unique architectural story, the bright French blinds and the German brick and wood structure, two different cultures of the ingenious fusion. And the whole city around the canal, so tourists to its nickname are “Little Venice.”

Old Town Colmar (France)

3.Newport (København)

Newport is an artificial canal, built in 1669 to 1673, the first is to promote the economic development of Copenhagen. Now the Newport gets a new face.

Newport (København)

4.Charleston Harbor (South Carolina)

Beach town Charleston, the United States and the rest of the world’s rich settlements, are also an exquisite scenery of the resort.


5.Old Town Chevrove (Morocco)

Morocco, blue city blue dream…

Old Town Chevrove (Morocco)

6.Newfoundland (Canada)

Downtown St. John’s street buildings are vibrant red, blue, yellow composition, making it one of Canada’s most photogenic streets.

Newfoundland (Canada)

7.Las Palmitas (Mexico)

Las Palmitas (Mexico)

8.Valparaiso (Chile)

Cerro Concepcion and Cerro Alegre, the walls of the old building on both sides of the wall are painted a lot of murals.

Valparaiso (Chile)

9.Market Square (Warsaw)

Warsaw, the capital of Poland. Warsaw is one of the best green cities in the world.The city center square is colorful and lively.

Market Square (Warsaw)

10.Brano (Italy)

Color gives the dazzling beauty to Brano.

Brano (Italy)


The street is colorful. It is near the Lyon train station.


12.Cape Town (South Africa)

Cape Town (South Africa)

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